All GTA Games Highly Compressed for PC

1. GTA San Andreas: It is one of the most played GTA series game in the history. Character named CJ which aims in earning money by using bad tactics. Many missions are there in the game which makes it even more fun to play. Total 3 cities are there in this game one can use trains, ships, cars, etc means of transport to travel in and out of other cities.

GTA Games Highly Compressed
GTA Games Highly Compressed for PC

2. GTA India: Game which is based on Indian culture and attire. With many authentic Indian open-world scenes that attracts many gamers towards it. One gets to see vehicles like rikshaw, truck, motorcycle, etc which replicates the country.

3. GTA 5: Most famous and loved game of the decade this is GTA 5. With enhanced graphics and more advanced features it is no doubt the mostly loved game. And also one of most profitable and revenue generated in the history of gaming. Cars, bikes, ships, aeroplanes, trains, military vehicles, etc are all included in it which makes it more fun to play. Total 3 characters of Franklin, Michael, Trevor are there in it. One can select which one he or she wants to be. Its completely thrill and memorable to play this masterpiece.

4. GTA Amritsar:

5. GTA Punjab: It is a mod of GTA Vice City where an Indian state called Punjab is replicated in the game. People, cars, culture is tried to replicate in the mod game. Many people especially from this specific state love to enjoy this game as it makes them fell home like place. It is quite fun if you’re looking for something interesting.

6. GTA 4: It was one of the most highly rated game of that period. Chinese character named Niko Bellic was a criminal. Earning money and respect was the main goal of him. Robbing card, police chase are a fun to do things in GTA 4. Despite its low graphics it gives us a realistic experience when it comes to action and thrill. One must try it out.

7. GTA Vice City: It has a very special place in the hearts of all the gamers. First game that gave realistic experience and made everything look possible in open world category. Still many people loves GTA Vice City and plays it on a daily basis. Tommy name of the player in the game has to complete missions in order to acquire more money and respect.

8. GTA Vice City Ultimate

9. GTA Liberty City Stories: One of the best in GTA Games Highly Compressed for PC

10. GTA 3: It is the third game in the legendary series of Grand Theft Auto. It was released in the year 2001. Based on a frictional city of Liberty City (originally known as New York City). Train was seen for the first time in GTA games. One can board the train as a passenger. Missions are there to earn money and respect.